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The first Hungarian anti-cancer stem cell regenerative therapy method: using cordyceps
species extracts and apigenin.
In Hungary, focus of interest has been placed on methods by which the volume of the stem
cells circulating within the body can be increased with the aim of regenerating the damaged
tissues (i.e. brain, cardiovascular system) of the accrued stem cells. However, the means
by which the stem cells are increased makes a difference. Some methods may even have a
carcinogenic effect, while others may have very powerful anti-cancer effects.
Regular physical activity can increase the amount of stem cells produced within bone marrow
by up to 3-400%; these stem cells (EPC, Endothelial Progenitor Cells) help in regenerating
the circulatory system. Physical activity not only increases the amount of stem cells, but
also reduces the risk of developing cancer, since it begins significant anti-cancer processes
within the body (i.e. increases sensitivity to insulin).
Certain medicinal mushroom extracts (i.e. the combination of
Cordyceps species extracts, and Cordyceps 3 species) also
have an anti-cancer stem cell increasing effect. Currently, it is
these that provide the safest and most effective means of
increasing stem cells for those with a limited capability to
exercise, such as the elderly.
But why is it that stem cells may also be carcinogenic, why is it
necessary to enhance anti-cancer stem cells?
Cancer cells behave similar to “open wounds:” amongst other
things, they also attract stem cells produced in bone marrow.
While stem cells promote healing of open wounds, cancer cells
instruct the stem cells surrounding them to release substances (i.e. VEGF, CCL5) which
promote the growth and metastases of cancer cells.
These released substances (VEGF) are also responsible for making the immune system unable
to recognize and attack the invading cancer cells, since they prevent certain immune cells
produced in the bone marrow (dendritic cells) from entering. It has also been shown that a
certain type of stem cell (mast cell) promote the formatting of intestinal polyps, which may
lead to the formation of colon cancer. Another type of stem cells (EPCs) increases the severity
of melanoma, breast, lung, and liver cancer and chances of metastasis.
The anti-cancer stem cell enhancing medicinal mushroom
extracts, i.e. the Cordyceps species extracts, however, not
only enhance the volume and functioning of stem cells but
they also force a type of stem cell (dendritic cells) to enter
and alert the immune system against the cancer cells, thus
helping in the fight against cancer. Similar to physical
exercise, the anti-cancer effect of certain medicinal
mushroom extracts is made obvious through it’s ability to
increase sensitivity to insulin.
In addition to promoting the immune system in the destruction of cancer cells, special
medicinal mushroom extracts are especially effective in increasing the production of
stem cells within bone marrow, and are also capable of significantly increasing
reproduction of umbilical cord stem cells.
One of the key elements of the anti-cancer effect of the
special stem cell increasing medicinal mushroom extracts
are that they facilitate the production of the protecting stem
cells which assist healthy immune system functioning, in
addition to regenerating the damaged tissues. The
regenerating effects on the nervous system and other tissues
of the Cordyceps species extracts may be significantly
increased by one of this year’s most significant anticancer
developments, the flavonoid-enriched
APIGENIN extract.
Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of apigenin (similar to that of ibuprofen), it may help to
prevent the formation of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and may slow the brain’s aging
Apigenin is capable of reducing the amount and metastiss effect of carcinogenic
substances emitted by stem cells (VEGF, CCL5, IGF-I), thus helping the immune system
to recognize and attack the cancer cells. In and of itself, what may be determined as
having an anti-cancer or carcinogenic effect is determined by many factors: i.e. while
having a significant carcinogenic effect, smoking dramatically reduces the amount of
stem cells.
Nature has provided us with effective and reliable „stem cell enhancers” which have been
used by folk medicine for thousands of years. Therefore, it is not necessary to use
preparations with uncertain effects, as their dangers are not yet understood and their stem cell
increasing effect may fall significantly far from the above mentioned methods.
These proposals only complement and do not replace the treatments prescribed by doctors.