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Administrative Core

Turkey Tail Mushroom The Administrative Core is essential to the success of the DCRC. The Core director, Dr. Joel Slaton (University of Minnesota), facilitates the functions of all projects and cores. Dr. Cindy Wenner (Bastyr University) is the Co-Director of the Administrative Core and co-chairs the Internal Steering Committee which meets monthly by teleconference to review the scientific progress and fiscal status. The Committee identifies problems and barriers and assures that all goals are met within realistic time and within budget constraints.

The Administrative Coordinator works closely with the Director and Co-Director to schedule meetings with investigators and to ensure optimum communication with administrative personnel. The Director holds meetings every 2 weeks with administrative personnel.  The External Advisory committee meets annually to evaluate the progress of the DCRC.


The specific responsibilities of the Administrative Core are:

  1. Oversight of all activities of the DCRC including projects and core resources
  2. Facilitate development of Bastyr University capacity as an independent research entity as well as coordinate training experiences for personnel at the partner institutions
  3. Compliance with all general, governmental and NCCAM regulations and requirements
  4. Communication with and consultation with the NCCAM project officer and other NCCAM staff in preparation of all required reports and publications
  5. Coordination of data management and quality assurance in relationship with the Internal Steering Committee and the Clinical Core
  6. Maintenance of fiscal and budgetary functions relating to the matching funds
  7. Convening all necessary meeting of the Internal Steering Committee, the External Advisory Committee, Monthly Education Seminars, lectures and symposia
  8. Establishment and monitoring of policies for recruitment of women and minorities of this program
  9. Coordination with other DCRC Centers to promote and maintain communication and integration including the distribution of materials, electronic communications, and evaluation of progress reports.

Key Personnel:
Joel Slaton, Director, University of Minnesota
Mary Jo Kreitzer, Consultant, University of Minnesota
Cynthia Wenner, Co-Director, Bastyr University