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Coriolus 2

Bioanalytical Core

Turkey Tail Mushroom The Bioanalytical Core serves a four-fold function within the DCRC:

  1. Core facility for assessing levels of immunopotentiating bioactive components of Trametes versicolor (Tv) and in tissues and serum provided by the three Projects.
  2. Storage and distribution facility for the Tv extracts and control test compounds to all of the projects.
  3. Central facility for ß-glucan fractionation, enzymatic degradation, and labeling.
  4. Training facility to learn botanical bioanalysis.

The Core is located at the University of Minnesota and lead by Rory Remmel, PhD. Dr. Remmel oversees all analyses performed within the Core. The extracts are from Paul Stamets and Fungi Perfecti and chain of custody is maintained on all test products and stability is assessed at regular intervals. Gary Ostroff, PhD, an internationally recognized leader in ß-glucan research serves as a consultant working with the Bioanalytical Core to a) fractionate, isolate and purify ß-glucan fractions from complex Tv extracts; b) enzymatically degrade ß-glucans in Tv to create a test compound for use in Projects 1 and 2; and c) create a fluorescently labeled purified beta-glucan for use in biodistribution studies.


The core has greatly benefited from the availability of high quality instrumentation.  These resources, coupled with expert consultants, allow us to meet the analytical challenges posed by the Project Leaders and perform their research aims within the DCRC.

Key Personnel:
Rory Remmel, Director, University of Minnesota
Gary Ostroff, Consultant
Paul Stamets, Consultant, Fungi Perfecti, Inc.